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SIR – Remembering Joseph Bell, chief engineer of the RMS Titanic, who was born in Farlam, near Brampton:


A headstone in Farlam churchyard near Brampton: The headstone marks the death of Joseph Bell from Farlam who was the chief engineer on the RMS Titanic.


He was a grand lad that,

So I eared tell,

A grand lad that,

Aye Joseph Bell.

For when that damn great iceberg struck

An all a t’world’s foundations shook,

He kept that ship alive did he, or

Mare’d a been lost to the crashin sea.

Aye, a grand lad that,

So I eared tell.

God bless his soul, Joseph Bell.


Miss Janice M ROBINSON

Mill Street, Frizington

First published at 11:58, Thursday, 12 April 2012
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