Tarn to Titanic: Reviews and Notices


For those who may not have seen them, here are a selection News Reviews & Notices that have appeared for the new biography of Joseph Bell, Tarn to Titanic: Life & Times of Joseph Bell Chief

 CUMBIA MAGAZINE:Scanned Image 133190001
Telegraph review
Keswick Reminder review
Telegraph Letters

4 Responses to “Tarn to Titanic: Reviews and Notices”

  1. David Betts Says:

    A good book and an interesting read. My local Waterstones could not help sourcing this so obtained from the Carlisle sourse which also gave me another good bookshop facility and an independent one too.

    • castlehead Says:

      Glad David that you were able to get hold of a copy of the book and that you enjoyed reading it. We have almost sold out of the book now, and the profits have boosted the conservation Appeal for the Joseph Bell Memorial in Farlam.

  2. Anne Allen Says:

    Hello can you let me know where I can ring/email for another copy of the bookl for my sister, we were both Bells before marriage and apparently are distantly related to Joseph – as are I assume most of the other Bells in the parish! It is nice to deep in touch though with the parish. Regards Anne

    • castlehead Says:

      Hope Anne, That you have been able to obtain a copy of ‘Tarn to Titanic’? If you still have a problem please let me know.

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