Appeal Success for Joseph Bell Farlam Memorial


The Appeal launched in April 2013 for funds to conserve the only memorial in Cumbria to the Titanic Chief Engineer Joseph Bell, in Farlam, have enabled the conservation work  to be undertaken, with a commemoration service celebrating this to be held at the gravestone memorial, on Saturday the 26th of April, at 2.00 pm, to which all are welcome.

The re-lettered memorial stone is cleaned and sealed for future generations.  Access to the location of the memorial in the Old Graveyard at St Thomas a Becket Church is now signposted, with attached  acrylic ‘QR’ code for information about Joseph Bell, a new stone plaque at the entrance  to the Old Graveyard, and a new access footpath has been established for visitors. It is hoped to add in the future an additional  information point for visitors.

The Appeal organisers Ann Freer & Barrie Hodgson thank all donors for their collective contributions that have enabled the work to be undertaken, in honouring a Cumbrian hero who, 102 years ago on the 15th of April 1912, died along with his brave fellow Engineers aboard R.M.S. Titanic. The following is engraved on his memorial:





4 Responses to “Appeal Success for Joseph Bell Farlam Memorial”

  1. David Betts Says:

    This is great news indeed.

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    • castlehead Says:

      Thank you David for your response not forgetting that your donation help us succeed with the ambition. Wish that you lived near enough to attend the commemoration service.

  2. Duncan Cameron Says:

    Many congratulations, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and hope to attend on the 26th

    • castlehead Says:

      Thank you Duncan, It would be really good if you were able to make it for the 26th, and look forward to meeting you then.

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