Latest Joseph Bell Family Connections:


As a consequence of our illustrated biography of Joseph Bell ‘Tarn to Titanic’, two daughters of John Bell Lowthian [1891-1962], a nephew of Joseph Bell, his wife being Winifred nee Bates, contacted me to express their pleasure in their re-discovered relationship with Joseph Bell of Titanic.

John Bell Lowthian’s eldest daughter, Leonora Mary, was born in 1921, and recently made a handsome donation to the Joseph Bell Memorial Appeal. This will be used towards the provision of an information point to be established at the churchyard entrance to the Joseph Bell Memorial in the old churchyard of St Thomas a Becket near Farlam, Cumbria. Leonora expressed affectionate memories of the four children of Joseph Bell.

The youngest daughter of John Bell Lowthian, Christine Margaret, who was born in 1925, did on a recent visit to Farlam for the annual Talkin Tarn Regatta visit the Joseph Bell memorial gravestone, below is an image marking this special occasion for her.


Mrs Arnott d. John Lowthian Bell


5 Responses to “Latest Joseph Bell Family Connections:”

  1. tonymac88 Says:

    Iwould still like to bring my R.M.S. Titanic exhibition to the church,mabe a date could be arranged for2015

    • castlehead Says:

      Thanks Tony, An exhibition in the church in the future is really not on in my opinion, a much better bet for you would be Carlisle City Library who would offer a much better venue and throughput of interested visitors. Let me know if you have any success with them.

      • tonymac88 Says:

        yes i will try them

      • tonymac88 Says:

        Just reading back on all the emails about Joseph and i would still like to come to Cumbria with my exhibition which can be small or large to suit let me know a good date for you even out side on a good day at the moment i am in the March Mill at Thornton nr Fleetwood.


      • castlehead Says:

        Thank you Tony for your proposals regarding your exhibition. As I said to you previously, Farlam is not a possibility and Carlisle city library
        is the only option I can think of for you. Good luck with finding a venue.

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