Joseph Bell – sale of the last letter to his son Frank


The last letter from Joseph to his  son Frank Bell was sold yesterday, the 18th of October 2014 at Auction.  The letter was sold at above the estimated price for the sum of £24000.00 GBP.  The vendor and purchaser are unknown, but it is to be hoped that one day the letter will be available for all to see in a UK museum.

In addition many other items were sold at auction, including a First Class lunch menu from Titanic dated the 12th of April 1912, it was sold for the staggering sum of £60000.00 GBP.  The menu had belonged to Elise Lurette, a French born maid who was a Titanic survivor.



2 Responses to “Joseph Bell – sale of the last letter to his son Frank”

  1. tonymac88 Says:

    Many thanks for all the news

  2. Frank Blackstone Says:

    Incredable the interest still for titanic things, Joseph Bell the Chief Engineer was not in the photo of titanic Officers and the Engineering department were rarely mentiond in the disaster , It has alwayse been my belief that If they had more authority ..Backing that Ship in full reverse could have kept it afloat for much longer , The reverse full momentum would have slowd the intake of the sea and also shortend the distance frome help on its way , Im a retired Merchant Engineer the hydrodiamics of momentum are astonishingle efective , But the Engineers on that ship were at the mercy of the Deck officers and builders that did not fully understand this , More concernd with geting life boats away than saving time and delaying the sinking

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