Titanic supplies


Prior to leaving Southampton for Titanic’s fateful voyage, the local traders and others supplied Titanic with an enormous range of provisions that must have been mostly for the passengers’ consumption.  In addition to the supplies of food and drink, there were 57.600 items of crockery, 29,000 pieces of glassware and 44,000 pieces of cutlery.

Here is a not exhaustive list of the supplies:

Fresh meat 75,000 lbs

Fresh fish 11,000lbs

Salt & dried fish 4,000lbs

Bacon & ham 7,500lbs

Poultry & game 25,000lbs

Fresh eggs 40,000

Sausages 2.500lbs

Potatoes 40 tons

Onions 3,500lbs

Tomatoes 3,500lbs

Fresh asparagus 800 bundles

Fresh green peas 2.500lbs

Lettuce 7,000 heads

Sweetbreads 1,000

Ice cream 1,750qts

Coffee 2,200lbs

Tea 800lbs

Rice & dried beans 10,000lbs

Sugar 10,000lbs

Flour 250 barrels

Cereals 10,000lbs

Apples 36,000

Oranges 36,000 Lemons 16,000

Grapes 1,000lbs

Grapefruit 13,000

Jams & marmalade 1,120lbs

Fresh milk 1,500gals

Fresh cream 1,200qts

Condensed milk 600gals

Fresh butter 6,600lbs

Ales & stout 15,000 bottles

Wines 1,000 bottles

Spirits 850 bottles

Minerals 1,200 bottles

Cigars 8,000


1st Class Titanic menu

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