The Times, April 11th, 1912


RMS Titanic sets sail from Southampton for New York

Although the new White Star liner Titanic, which sailed on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, has the same dimensions – length 882ft, breadth 92ft – as her sister ship Olympic, her gross tonnage of 46,382 tons is 1,004 tons greater, and thus she is the largest vessel at present afloat.  The difference is accounted for by the fact that the measurement spaces have been considerably increased in the later vessel.  Thus on the top deck several extra rooms have been provided forward of the gymnasium, and the same has been done on the upper promenade or A deck, which contains the lounge, the leading room, and the smoking room.  An innovations on the promenade or B deck consists of two elaborate suites, each with sitting room, two bedrooms, bathroom, and servants’ room, which in the height of the season cost £870.

The vessel is substantially the same as her sister ship, and  the various features of the latter, such as gymnasium, Turkish bath, squash rackets court, and swimming bath, have been maintained.

The propelling machinery consists of the same combination of reciprocating engines and turbines as is fitted in the Olympic, and in  the view of the modifications introduced in the propellers of the latter vessel after she had been in service, with the result of increasing her speed, it will be interesting to see whether the Titanic, in which no doubt these improvements have already been embodied, will show better results.


2 Responses to “The Times, April 11th, 1912”

  1. John Stone Says:

    Thank you again for your hard work on this feed. I can’t beleive it how quickly time goes by I did my first reseach paper on Titanic in 1977 and had the honour of meeting Bill Tauetum (Mr Titanic) in 1978. I have attended many conventions including the 1997 USA in Long Beach on the Queen. We were shown the Cameron version of Titanic months before it was in cinema the version we saw had only limited effects added but still such a thrill. Yes this time of year always makes me think. Again thank you for your time and hard work. Mr John Stone

    • castlehead Says:

      Thank you John for your remarks. You sound very knowledgeable about the Titanic. Have you seen the film “Saving the Titanic” it really does do justice to the Engineers and is worth a viewing if you have not already done so.
      Thanks again, Barrie Hodgson

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