Joseph Bell exchanges letters with J Bruce Ismay


Letter to Mr J Bruce Ismay from Joseph Bell at sea aboard R.M.S. Olympic on June 14th 1911:


“In reply to your enquiry regarding visitors to Engine Rooms, I beg to state that three gentlemen have been in Engine Room during the passage from Southampton all by Mr Blake’s instruction, viz Mr Van Eldon and two gentlemen connected with a French Steamship Company, whose names I do not remember, but whom Mr Blake said had been sent to him by Mr Willett Bruce.

 Another gentleman presented himself this morning saying Mr Currie had instructed him to come to me; I refused him permission on his verbal statement.

 Your instructions’ shall be strictly obeyed”.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient servant,

J . Bell, Chief Engineer


 Letter from Mr J Bruce Ismay to Joseph Bell:

 “It came to my knowledge that some people had been down in the Engine Room during the passage from Southampton to Cherbourg. I therefore wrote to Mr Bell in regard thereto, and herewith enclose you his reply. I am sure you will share my surprise that Willett Bruce and Mr Blake should feel themselves justified in giving permission to the gentleman named to visit the Engine Room, and I shall be glad if you will ask them for their explanation for so doing”.


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