Retrieval Titanic Marconi Wireless Telegraph Machine


A Salvage company that has previously recovered silverware, china and gold coins from Titanic, has applied for the recovery of the Marconi wireless equipment.  A judge in court will hear the application from the salvage company justifying why it wants to recover the equipment before it is irretrievable.  Would this item if recovered be bound for a museum, I hope so!

2 Responses to “Retrieval Titanic Marconi Wireless Telegraph Machine”

  1. chitrolian Says:

    I am a little surprised that it is claimed that the apparatus is restorable, certainly not in the manner of Joseph Bell’s Memorial Stone. Replicable would be a better word.

    • castlehead Says:

      I was surprised too! I am only repeating what has been published in the national press, regarding an application to retrieve whatever might still be left of the Marconi Machine inside Titanic.

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