RMS Oceanic ‘April Fools’ Day Menu’


This first class April Fools’ Day Menu, is supposed to have been offered to passengers in the 1st class saloon of RMS Oceanic, which year is unknown.  I must say that ‘Camel’s Humps’ sounds an interesting course!  Joseph Bell served in the Engineering department but it is unknown whether he was offered the Menu.  The fares on the route to New York were: Saloon £16 16s Od [Return £28 7s Od], Steerage £6 6s 0d.

RMS Oceanic

Hors d’oeuvres

Spider’s Kidneys   Flea’s Eyes
Humming Bird’s Tongues


Puree of Blubber    Cod Liver Oil Broth


Shark’s Fins a la Maitre d’Hotel
Broiled Octopus


Vol-au-Vent of Worms    Curried Cockroaches


Devilled Albatross    Fricassee of Buzzard


Camel’s Humps    Hyaena a la Foret


Angel’s Eyes    Mermaid’s Mers


Mammas’ Black Looks    Pretty Girl’s Kisses    Glad Eyes


Caviare en Confiture


Candied Anchovies Peppermints in Paraffin
Vaseline in Grape Fruit
Toad’s Necks in Syrup


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