2015 Joseph Bell Website Review


During the course of the year the site had 1956 visitors who viewed 4364 items.

Visitors were from 75 countries of which the top ten viewing countries were from:

UK, USA,Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand,

Sweden, France & Switzerland.

Thank you to all visitors to the site for your continued interest  during 2015.

2 Responses to “2015 Joseph Bell Website Review”

  1. Frank Blackstone Says:

    Interesting after the time that has past That the Chief Engineer of the largest ship in the world at the time was never considered a ships officer.. That class was for the Deck Officers only ..Engineers of the time were Engineers to be confined to there Eng Rooms..with little authority in the operation of the ship..If indeed He had the authority and knowledge of Hydro Dynamics of the time He would have Ordered Full Astern of the ship to force the water from breaching the fifth hold and dooming the ship And more importantly closing the Gap to the rescue ship…There was far more interest in Abandoning the ship than the interest of keeping the flooding under manageable reason and the closing of gap for rescue..But Factual BELL had little authority in such a decision while the Captain ordered stop and foolishly at one time ordered ahead ..Hydrodynamics was not a consideration at that time .But it could have saved the tragedy we all read of today..An Engineer reading of the sinking would perhaps realize that the water rushing by the bow could be slowed by the Astern forces if it would have only been ordered..And perhaps gained additional time for a rescue by the ship racing to there position ..
    Frank Blackstone::Retired Merchant Engineer

    • castlehead Says:

      Thank you Frank for the points you make re Joseph Bell regarding his status on Titanic, as well as the historical knowledge on the subject of Hydrodynamics, that was not evident in the decision making on Titanic on that fateful night. Wonder when the subject of Hydrodynamics became part of the knowledge required for ships officers / engineers? I assume also, that the Edwardian class structure even in the Merchant Marine categorised ships engineers as horny handed individuals who should be kept down below and out of sight?
      Best wishes, Barrie Bell Hodgson

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