Wedding of Francis John Bell 1921

Francis [Frank[ Bell Wedding


JULY 6th 1921



Somercotes Church was the scene of a fashionable wedding on Wednesday, the bridegroom being Mr Francis John Bell, of the “Persic,” White Star Line, and the bride Miss Marjorie Sybil Dykes Robson, of Somercotes House.

The Bridegroom, himself a ship’s engineer, is the son of the late Mr Joseph Bell and Mrs Bell.  His father will long be remembered for his bravery during the sinking of the “Titanic,” of which ill-fated vessel he was chief engineer, and in which he gave his life in an effort to save others.  The bride is the popular daughter of Dr & Mrs Dykes Robson, and the occasion gave rise to a demonstration of the esteem in which the bride and her family are held.  The church was beautifully decorated for the occasion, the altar decorations consisting of white lilies, the remainder marguerites and fern.  The service was fully choral, the organist Mr Bettison, playing appropriate music as the guests gathered for the ceremony.

The bride, who entered the church on the arm of her father, looked charming in a gown of ivory charmeuse with embroidered panel caught up with orange blossoms, and wearing a wreath and veil.  Her shower bouquet, which was the gift of the bridegroom, consisted of white roses and carnations.

The bridesmaids were Miss Vera Gordon Dykes Robson [sister of the bride], Miss Marjorie Clare Bell [sister of the bridegroom], Miss Margaret Harris [of Rock Ferry], and Miss Esther Mason [Ashby-de-la-Zouch].  Their dresses of royal blue crepe de chine, with petal skirts, the elder two bridesmaids wearing net and georgette hats to match, the younger two wearing wreaths of marguerites, with bouquets of marguerites, the gifts of the bridegroom, who also presented gold brooches.  Master Ian Mason, who was dressed in sailor fashion, acted as page, and carried the bride’s train.

The Hymns, “Lead us, Heavenly Father” and “The voice that breathed o’er Eden,” were sung during the ceremony, and the Rev.R.E.Birtwhistle [vicar of Somercotes] officiated.  The bride’s mother was beautifully gowned in pastel brown charmeuse, with hat of the same shade and lace veil.   The bridegroom’s mother wore a handsome robe of royal blue satin, veiled with black lace, a royal blue hat with black straw crown trimmed with royal blue and lace veil.

Mr. W.H.Hill, of Liverpool, acted as best man.

Amongst the presents were a gold watch from bride to bridegroom, whilst the bride received a set of beautiful grey fox furs from the bridegroom.

Later in the day the happy couple travelled in a car to Chesterfield, where they entrained for the northeast coast, where the honeymoon is being spent.  The travelling costume was of pastel grey with hat to match.  After the ceremony a reception was held at Somercotes House, to which a large number of guests accepted invitations.

Amongst a valuable collection of presents were the following:

Dr & Mrs Dykes Robson cheque, pearl & turquoise ring, & Prayer Book

Mrs Bell & Family – dinner service

Miss Vera Dykes Robson – Ceylon silver spoon & silver tray

Dr & Mrs Wells Robson & Family  – cheque

Dr & Mrs F J Allan – cheque

Dr & Mrs Johnstone – cheque

Mr & Mrs H C Robson – cheque

Mr & Mrs S Robson & Family – cheque

Mrs Cairns [Liverpool] cheque

Mrs F J Allan – two tier wedding cake

Mrs Cairns – gold pearl & emerald bracelet

Mr Cairns – egg stand

Dr & Mrs Cairns [Liverpool] necklet & cushions

Dr & Mrs Pochin – silver cream jug

Mr & Mrs H Mason, Mr & Mrs Davidson & Mrs Lander, silver tea service

Mr & Mrs W R Bates [Wellingborough] stainless knives

Mr R Bates – silver spoons & forks

Mrs Braide [Stockton Heath]- half breakfast service

Mr & Mrs J B Lowthian – tea set

Miss Franklin [Keswick] – silver serviette rings

Mr & Mrs Grant-Browning – Japanese tray

Mrs F J Allan – Sheffield plate jewellery casket& pearl necklet

Dr & Mrs Halpin [Normanton] –silver bread board & knife

Mrs Farris [Rock Ferry]- cut glass salad bowl

Mrs G Stephenson – silver and glass teapot stands

Mr & Mrs E Muschamp – jam dish

Rev & Mrs Poole – silver butter dish

Misses Poole – handbag

Rev & Mrs Birtwhistle – silver candlesticks

Mr & Mrs Taylor – leather blotter

Capt Darby-Taylor & Miss Taylor – Royal Doulton rose bowl

Miss Boreham – silver tea knives

Mrs G White [Stockton Heath] – silver cream jug

Miss Hardy – silver photo frame

Miss R Davis – silver breadboard

The Misses Gregory – silver toast rack

Mr & Mrs Piggford [Ceylon] – biscuit barrel

Mrs Furmston & Family – silver toast rack

Mrs Wright – silver cruets

Mr & Mrs J Heald – silver toast rack

Mrs F J Allan – powder bowl & puff

Miss E Garnham – silver letter scale

Mr & Mrs Gordon Mein – table centre

Miss `Hester & Master Mason – marmalade dish

Mr & Mrs W C O Sampson-Beston- silver sugar basin and spoon

Mr Price-Abel & Family – silver & cut glass vase

Miss Wooton & Mr Browning – afternoon tea cloth

The Misses Longwill – coffee set

Rev & Mrs F E Christain – silver sugar sifter

Miss L Newton – silver shoe horn & button hook

Mr & Mrs J Mein & Miss Mein- rose bowl

Mr & Mrs W Mein & Family – silver hot water jug

The Misses Everard – silver inkpot

Miss Boultbee – silver tea strainer

Mrs G W Hill – etching & handbag

Mrs Cumming – table centre

Mr & Mrs J Rogers & Family – cut glass jug

Miss M Reed – butter knife & table centre

Mrs Stewart – silver flower vases

Mr & Mrs Oglanby

Miss Lamb – jam dish

Mrs Slack & Mrs Blackham – fruit spoon

Mr W H Abbott, Doris & Leslie – tea knives and stainless dinner knives

Mr & Mrs Hitchcock – Indian matting

Miss Margaret Farris – basket tray

Rev & Mrs Haire – inkstand

Mr & Mrs W H Mein & Family – silver hot water jug

Capt R L Steveson – tea knives

Miss Botwood – candlesticks

Miss Gledhill – tray cloth

Capt & Mrs Muschamp – silver tray

Mrs H C Robson – scarf

Mrs Slaney – silver sweet dish

Mr & Mrs A Burton – jam dish

Mr & Mrs J Bettison – glass dish

Mrs Spencer – fruit spoon

Mrs Bett – tray cloth

Mrs Tariton – fancy mats

Mrs J Robinson- linen tray cloth & mats

Mr & Mrs Walters – siilk stockings

Mrs Knowles – custard glasses

Mr & Mrs H Taylor – afternoon tea cloth & table cloth

Miss E Blatherwick – flower pot

Miss E Whylde – jam dish

Miss Renie Whylde – butter dish

Mrs Fitt – vase

Mrs Muschamp – perforated silver salver

Dr & Mrs Parsons – glass & silver salad bowl

Mr & Mrs Morris – silver tray

Mr & Mrs Gandy – silver bread fork

Miss M Gandy – tray cloth

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