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Titanic Actionable Salvage Plan

June 10, 2020

The United States government will try to prevent a proposed salvage attempt to retrieve the wireless telegraph machine from Titanic, stating it would break the law and pact with Britain to leave the shipwreck undisturbed .

An Atlanta firm, RMS Titanic Inc, plans to begin recovering the radio equipment by the end of August. The operation requires a submersible to cut into the deteriorating roof.

The US government lawyers argue that the company requires authorisation from the Secretary of Commerce before conducting research or salvage expeditions “that would physically alter or disturb the wreck”.

They add that the agreement with the UK regulates entry into the hull to prevent the disturbance of “other artifacts and any human remains”.

The agreement calls for the Titanic “to be recognised as a memorial to those men,women and children who perished and whose remains should be given appropriate respect”.