The Bell Family Tree [Revised & Updated 27th November 2016]


Updated 27th Nov 2016


bell tree update

BELL FAMILY TREE RESEARCHED BY ANN FREER : (Last updated on Feb 15th 2015):



29 Responses to “The Bell Family Tree [Revised & Updated 27th November 2016]”

  1. Mary Baird Says:

    My gt gt gt gt gt grandmother Rachel Bell was born in Farlam in 1725. She was baptised on 26/02/1725 & died in 1808. Her father Jon Bell was born in Farlam around 1700. I am wondering whether I am related to this Bell family. I have been interested reading about Joseph Bell, chief engineer on the Titanic in this week’s Cumberland News.

    • Jack Says:

      Well I have a good knowledge on cheif engineer joseph bell . my classmates call me a walking dictionary on titanic’s enginers . I know each of their name

  2. kirsty Says:

    my 4Th cousin was Joseph bell

  3. penny Says:

    I would like to know if Joseph and N.S.W Bell are kin if so who is N.S.W. parents
    email me and let me know

    • castlehead Says:

      Hello Penny, I really have no idea who N.S.W. Bell is.
      If you let me have some details about who he or she is, I will have a look to see if I can help.

  4. Updated Bell Family Tree | Joseph Bell, Chief Engineer on the R.M.S. Titanic Says:

    […] Please see the new seven people that have been added to the Bell Family Tree, by click here. […]

  5. Alison Lowe Says:

    My relative Jane Milburn married George Bell Thompson. Does anyone have any information on the Milburn family.

    My ancestors came from Liverpool and the owned farms in the Yorkshire Dales and fruit shops in Liverpool..

    • castlehead Says:

      Am unable to shed any light on this for you, but have forwarded your query onto someone may be able to help you.


    Did any of Mr. Bell’s relatives ever emigrate to Nova Scotia,Canada? My grandmother’s maiden name was BELL. I was always told that some of my ancestors came from Ireland and was wondering if there’s any connection. Any information would be a great help. Thank you.

    • castlehead Says:

      Thanks for your enquiry about your Bell relatives. So far as Joseph Bell and family are concerned I am unaware of any connection with Ireland. I know that the Bell name is very prevalent in Northern Ireland, and as you will know there are quite a lot of them to go through when doing family history. Good luck with your research and hope that you found this site of interest to you.

  7. Harrison Says:

    My great great grandad was Joseph Bell. We have pictures all over our home of this legend. add Derek Smith underneath Gilbert. Derek had two children Harrison (me) and Sam. Both twins. Thank you.
    🙂 Please get in touch

    • castlehead Says:

      Thank you very much for contacting me explaining your family connection with Joseph Bell. I have passed on your info to Ann Freer who is the originator of the family tree you refer to. If it is possible for you to send me digitally any family images of Derek, yourself and Sam, that I could add to the website, that would be good?

    • Eleanor S Kerr Says:

      Hi Harrison.
      I am also related to Joseph Bell chief Engineer of the titanic, Joseph Bell was my Grandma’s nephew,

  8. sarah Says:

    I was wondering if im related to joseph bell. A lot of the family names are very, very familiar. My great, great grandmother was Icena Bell born 1882 in durham and married george henry bagshaw (b.1883) in Cardiff in 1904.

    • castlehead Says:

      As far as we know, the history of Joseph Bell’s family does not have a Icena Bell, or any record of George Henry Bashaw. The surname Bell in family research is so numerous, and especially so in Cumberland as it was known, that it takes a lot of sorting out. Sorry not be more helpful and good luck with your research for the future.

    • Christine Bagshaw Says:

      My comment is directed to Sarah concerning Icena Bell and George Henry Bagshaw. They are my great grandparents. I have a lot of information about the Bagshaws, however I can not find birth records for Icena. Please contact me

      • castlehead Says:

        I can confirm that there are no Icene Bells or Baghaws in a direct family line to Joseph Bell. Good luck with your future research.

  9. Reported John Bell Land Dispute 1867 | Joseph Bell, Chief Engineer on the R.M.S. Titanic Says:

    […] This account of Bell land ownership in Farlam, would be a little easier to understand if read in conjunction with the Bell Family Tree available here: […]

  10. Roy Whittall Says:

    I have a photo of one of the bell family, we are trying to trace as i think he was one of my gt Grandad bell My grandma Anne Bell married William Whittall in the 1900 s

    • castlehead Says:

      Sorry but are unable to help you further with your family research. The Bell family tree on this site
      is all that we have.

  11. Julie scott Says:

    Wow tnx for this site I found a old friendship and memories book and it has Josephs autograph in it while he was engineer on ss suevic

  12. Ray Says:

    Thanks for website which is a great source of information. I’m doing my partner’s family tree and arrived at Rachel Bell (born in Farlam 1699 – died 1756). Rachel Bell married George Stobbart in 1718 in Farnam. Does anyone know if there is a connection with Joseph Bell (of Titanic). Rachel is my partner’s 6 x Great Grandmother. Thanks in advance.

    • castlehead Says:

      Hello Ray, Glad that you find the site if interest. In our Bell family tree on the site, you will see that we have Rachel Bell 1723-1810 could this be the same Rachel you refer to? It is always a hard job sorting out their relationships since there were so many Bells in and around
      Farlam. If I can be of any further help then do let me know.

  13. Alison Says:

    Hi, how recent does this go? Joseph is my grandads great great great uncle. We’re all from the Brampton and Carlisle area. My grandad died when I was only 1 so I don’t remember any of his family. Thanks

    • castlehead Says:

      Hello Alison, Thanks for your enquiry about your family connections to Joseph Bell. As with all family research, it is a case usually of
      trawling through the birth, marriage and death certificates to make sense of the connections. You have a splendid county archive in
      Carlisle to help with your research, as well as a excellent City Library. As to ‘how recent does it go’ ? All that we know currently is laid
      out in the Bell family tree to date. Wishing you much success with establishing your past.

  14. Jack (I will not reveal my name ) Says:

    My great great great granduncle was cheif electrition peter sloan of the RMS Titanic . Every year on 15 april we all light candles for him and wear something purple as a tribute to him and his electritions who were with the engineers working till the last moment keeping all the lights on.

  15. Mark Anthony Bell Says:

    I’m just wondering if I’m related to this part of the bell family my name is Mark Anthony Bell

  16. Vallalee Bell Says:

    I am Vallalee Louise Bell since birth my dad was born in Tulsa Oaklahoma and I’m wondering if anyone is from Tulsa Oaklahoma My Dad is Harry Barto Bell his mother was Carlene Bell and his dad was Oscar Bell.

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