Lieutenant-Commander Joseph Bell RD. RNR.

Joseph Bell prior to 1912, in addition to his position as Chief Engineer RMS Titanic held also the rank of Lieutenant-Commander in the R N R [Royal Naval Reserve].  He was awarded the Decoration ‘RD’ that had been instituted in 1908 to commissioned officers, whose recipients were entitled to the post-nominal letters ‘RD’.  The Decoration ‘RD’ stood for Royal Decoration, and had  been instituted as a Decoration by King George V.

This magnificent  silver and silver-gilt oval skeletal badge with a loop for ribbon suspension, was faced with the silver-gilt crowned cipher of King and Emperor George V imposed on a silver rope, a reef knot at the base; the reverse was plain.


4 Responses to “Lieutenant-Commander Joseph Bell RD. RNR.”

  1. Richard de Kerbrech Says:

    I think the RD post nominal refers to ‘Reserve Decoration’.

    • castlehead Says:

      Thank you Richard for the point you have made – The Decoration for Officers of the Royal Naval Reserve known as the Reserve Decoration (RD) was a medal awarded in the Royal Naval Reserve of the United Kingdom to officers with at least fifteen years of active duty. The medal was instituted in 1908. Hope you found the site of interest.

  2. Christopher John garbutt Says:

    I have One of these in my possesion. How much are these worth. Is ther any way of finding its recipient and how many were made.

  3. castlehead Says:

    All I can suggest is that you search the internet for information about this.

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